Choosing flooring is fun but can also be a bit overwhelming, what with all the choices. The Trudel flooring store in Warren, MI, is here to help simplify it for you, and we'll guide you to getting the one that's right for your needs and style.

First, crunch the numbers

Decide what you can spend overall because we always suggest that you buy the best quality your budget will allow. We can help you make calculations, including the product and underlayments, padding, adhesives, installation and disposal costs, etc.

Second, explore your lifestyle

You want to address any needs for extra durability and stain resistance. For example, consider the family size, activity levels, whether or not you have pets, etc.

Third, consider the rooms your flooring

A busy kitchen will have different requirements than a bedroom which usually has meager traffic. It can also vary depending on how the room is used; for example, a living room can be a family activity center or used only for entertaining guests.

Also, think about whether the room is small and dark or light and airy and view it at different times of the day, as colors can shift depending on brightness level.

Fourth, know your style

Your style includes your overall home decor. While nothing needs to be a precise match, everything should coordinate to have a cohesive look. Select colors and designs that will work with furnishings, accessories, and painted walls. This is an excellent time to invest $20 or so for a color wheel.

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At Trudel Flooring, Inc., we'll choose the right flooring, whether carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, sheet or luxury vinyl. Come in for a free quote if you live or work in Warren, Grosse Pointe, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, or Rochester Hills.