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It’s all about comfort and style: carpet

It’s the place you put your foot when you get out of bed on those cold, winter mornings and it is the place you scrunch your toes after that long day of work. It may seem like a small frill, but those days when you need a way to let the stress drain out of you, it sure doesn’t seem small. It is nice to have carpet floors around.

Flooring for your lifestyle

One of the things that makes carpet such an attractive option is that it has colors and styles that can meet every need that you have. Often, neutral colors are chosen so that they will blend with any furniture that you happen to have in a room. Sometimes you may want to make a statement, with a bolder choice of colors or, you might choose something brighter for a child’s room or play area. Carpet floors meet all of these options.

For the more formal rooms in your home, there are saxonies and patterned Berbers. The first is a perfectly even, shaved pile with a velvety appearance that is designed to show every vacuum line and every footprint in the room. Patterned Berbers are a loop pile or a mixture of a loop and cut pile, creating a stylish pattern across your floor.
For more casual areas, there are twists and friezes. Also, there are traditional Berbers. When it comes to this flooring, twists are likely the most common type of pile that you have seen. For a different twist on a twist, there are friezes. In this case, the fibers are twisted more tightly than an ordinary twist rug, creating more texture visually and making them wear better. The traditional carpet for high-traffic areas, of course, are Berbers, which is a loop pile that combines the strength of a commercial rug with the softness of residential flooring.

Don’t forget the padding

The right kind of padding makes all of the difference when it comes to your new flooring. Padding not only adds softness, but it also supports the backing, which maximizes its wear and it adds a layer of insulation to the flooring. A high-quality pad can make even a modest carpet floors feel like a million dollars.

If you are looking for carpet flooring in Warren, MI, Trudel Flooring is the place to look. We service not only the local area around our city but also the areas of Grosse Pointe, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, and Rochester Hills. Our knowledgeable sales staff and our courteous installers will take you from start to finish with this project. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to see all our carpeting options; we think you will be glad you did.