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Classic elegance or a rustic feel: the versatility of hardwood flooring

When it comes to a floor that is both classic and versatile, there is nothing quite like hardwood. It can capture the elegance of a main room in the Ford House but it can also create the feel of an old English pub. Whatever the look or mood for which you are striving, wood is always a prime option. We, at Trudel Flooring, would like to bring that classic reality to your home.

Species and grains

Wood flooring is a truly renewable resource. Some of the lumber is harvested locally and some are more exotic. Also, as a living material, each board is slightly different in its appearance and grain pattern, making every floor a conversation piece in your home.

As your hardwood retailer, we offer many of the traditional woods like oak, ash, maple, hickory, cherry, pine, and walnut. Yet, we also offer woods like acacia and kupay if you want something a little out of the ordinary. Some grains are more straight and others have more twists, curls, and burls in them. It all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve for your room.


Maybe you are trying to create the feel of the old Ford mansion and want to create the appearance of well-worn flooring. With distressed wood flooring, a craftsman uses belts and scrapers to manually give the wood the look and appearance of an older floor. Later, that flooring is hand refinished before it is shipped to you.

Engineered wood flooring

The one weakness with traditional solid wood is that it is susceptible to moisture, making it a poor-performing floor in the basement. To overcome this obstacle, manufacturers have designed an engineered floor, which mounts a layer of wood on top of a plywood base. The base material protects the top of the flooring from moisture, permitting for hardwood on every level of your home.

At Trudel Flooring, our goal is to provide you with a floor that you will enjoy for many years to come. If you have thought about or considered a hardwood, give us a call or stop by our Warren, MI showroom, our knowledgeable sales representatives would be delighted to show you the kinds of flooring we offer. Whether you live in our backyard or one of the surrounding areas like Grosse Pointe, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, or Rochester Hills, we are your hardwood flooring retailer and we can make your dreams of hardwood a reality.